Colibri invests in innovation in the healthcare and medical sector. As staff and resources are often thin on the groundscarce, particularly in developing nations, medical technology enables efficient patient care, cuts appointment waiting times and significantly reduces bureaucracy considerably. We fund invest inand partner with ventures and companies focused on:

Remote diagnostics and patient monitoring

Doctor-patient video appointments

Remote chronic disease management

Telehealth and remote admin solutions

Physician teleconsults teleconsultations with providers and peers

Integrating AI based developments in the medical environment

Green Energy

As a part of our ongoing commitment to a sustainable, carbon neutral future, Colibri participates in developing and marketing advanced green energy solutions. These include:

Smart grid and decentralized power management

Power storage solutions

Improved battery capacity solutions

Enhanced photovoltaic cell capacity

Advanced wind turbine developments

Wave and tidal power production


Colibri partners with specialists in the field of Agritech to develop and promote technologies that have the potential to transform food production and crop management. These include:

Robotic and automated farming solutions

Sensor-based crop monitoring and management

Large-scale urban hydroponic farming facilities

Collecting and utilizing farm waste for bio fuel and gas production

Smart irrigation systems

Water reclamation and purifying