Colibrí - Investing in disruptive tech for a positive impact

Colibrí Investment Group is an independent investment house focusing specifically on emerging market-disruptive tech in the fields of healthcare, medicine, renewable energy, and agriculture. Colibri investments are focused on small and medium size enterprises that have proven track records in these fields.

We specialize both in equity investments in tech companies and in the Caribbean. We are more than just a financer and provider of funds, we take an active role in our investments. Having skin in the game, we play an active role, guiding and nurturing our entrepreneurs, developers and manufacturers, taking a seat on board and assisting in such matters as market research, regulation, market entry, product commercialization, import and distribution, among others.

The planet is undergoing cataclysmic changes. Due to global warming entire regions run the risk of becoming uninhabitable, water shortages could lead to less arable land availability, the global pandemic has shown how overstretched medical and health services can become in a very short time. At Colibrí our goal is to identify and nurture those technologies that can help the world tackle and solve many of these arising issues, in particular technological solutions that show marketable and commercial viability. Our aim is to bring about a tangible, disruptive positive change, improving the environment and the lives of billions around the globe.

We partner with tech manufacturers and international distributers, most prominently in the South American, Central American, and Caribbean markets. Drawing on our network of connections we have a vast knowledge base of the local markets, giving us and our ventures a major advantage in promoting our ventures.


Jesus Antonio Feliz Soler

President and Chairman of the Board


With over 2 decades of experience, Jesus Antonio Feliz Soler is a seasoned professional in the world of investments. As President and Chairman, Jesus provides the company with strategic direction, oversees operations and plays a pivotal role in decision making processes.
His leadership has propelled our company to the forefront of the investment industry. His expertise spans a wide range of financial areas, including asset management, risk assessment, and portfolio diversification. Jesus believes in a client-centric approach, always putting the interests of our investors first.

Under his guidance, our company has built a reputation for integrity, transparency, and trustworthiness.

Ricardo Francis

Chief Executive Officer


Ricardo Francis has significant experience in investments, strategy, marketing and finance with a focus on medical and healthcare, green energy, and agricultural sectors. Ricardo's visionary leadership style is marked by a clear strategic direction that inspires and aligns the entire organization. Ricardo has a proven track record of successfully identifying and investing in small to mid-size companies and working with them to achieve higher growth and profitability through global marketing and distribution. Ricardo's specific expertise in med tech and healthcare is evident in his successful development of companies which advocate for sustainable practices worldwide. His mission to make healthcare more accessible, efficient, and environmentally friendly has driven him to find the best investment opportunities in these sectors.

Katherine Guerra

Head of Legal Affairs


Katherine Guerra is a crucial asset within our investment company, providing a unique layer of added value that extends far beyond legal compliance. She bring a deep understanding of financial regulations and risk mitigation strategies, ensuring that every investment decision is made with the utmost legality prudence. Katherine is one of the founding partners of Guerra & Guerra Law firm, a leading legal practice in the Dominican Republic specializing in corporate, commercial, and civil law. Prior to co-founding Guerra & Guerra, Katherine served as the head of the corporate department in a leading Law firm, where she gained invaluable experience in leading complex legal transactions and negotiations. Katherine has also held a civil law based judicial position, further honing her expertise in legal principles and procedures. Katherine is a certified lawyer, who gained her law degree (summa cum laude) from the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo (UASD) and a Masters Degree in International Negotiations from the Next International Business School of Salamanca University, Spain.

Allan Perez

Investor Relations


Allan is our dedicated primary point of contact for our valued investors. His commitment to transparency, timely communication and service ensures that our investors are well-informed about our company's performance and strategic initiatives. Allan is a law student in the Autonomous university of Santo Domingo (UASD) with experience in operations, customer service and administration. Allan's expertise lies in fostering strong relationships between our company and its business partners. He excels in articulating our financial performance and strategies and presenting them to our investors allowing them to make informed decisions. Allan continues to enhance the investors' experience, making sure that they have a strong sense of partnership and confidence in our company's ability to deliver value and growth.


The team at Colibrí is on the lookout for the next disruptive technology. If you can answer yes to all of the following questions you just might have what it takes:

  • Does your concept or technology have the potential to herald a significant environmentally and societally beneficial improvement?
  • Does your concept or technology have a competitive advantage and the potential to have a positive disruptive effect and is this reflected in your business model?
  • Does your concept or technology have the potential to scale up and become a significant product or solution?
  • Do you have the best possible team of founders and developers with the drive and vision to bring their sustainable tech vision to commercial fruition?